With all the hypes surrounding web-based communication, most professionals are increasingly targeting the web media for promoting myriad types of products and services. Exponential growth in the number of internet users, supported by the growing popularity of Social media, and Smartphone, has coaxed marketing managers to realign their strategies to incorporate online marketing into their mainstream policies and exploring its different avenues. Growth in demand for comprehensive internet marketing training for marketing managers is a sign that online marketing has slowly yet determinedly made it to mainstream marketing. It is now an indispensable tool for modern businesses to target their internet savvy customers.

Since its introduction, internet has come a strong way to become a powerful media—a tool to be leveraged for business purposes. In India, the number of internet users has grown steadily and is likely to grow further with the introduction of faster connection and cheaper tariff. Internet marketing has emerged as a new branch of marketing strategy that deals with the ways and methods of gaining maximum benefit from marketing activities on the web platform. A few factors that have established it as a potential medium for marketing are mentioned below:

  • Internet is ubiquitous—one can access it from anywhere, anytime
  • The number of internet users is constantly on a rise
  • Users can now browse, search and even make purchases
  • Users like the convenience it offers along with easy access to information
  • Marketing on web medium is affordable compared to traditional media
  • As a paradigm shift 80 percent businesses are now web-based and they need to target their audience on the same platform

Internet, as a medium, is different from the conventional media on several aspects. It therefore needs a special set of tools for marketing for better and faster results. A complete internet marketing training, offered by SEO Training Point, will touch all the bases of online marketing to offer a better insight on how to promote your business on it. This article has discussed the outline of a comprehensive internet-marketing course and has elaborated on its different components.

Introduction of online marketing has quite transformed the marketplace. With easy access and convenience it offers opportunities to magnify abilities of an advertising campaign to penetrate the market is perpetual. However, it is not without a few pain points:

  • Being comparatively new, the patterns of online marketing are still emerging. Most online marketing professionals base their policies on intuitions, and trial and error method in devising a workable plan.
  • The internet user base is most discerning, making it difficult to target the right audience. It demands extensive study of the market—analysis of the search terms used by customers in finding similar kind of services on the internet.
  • Lack of appropriate training courses however poses the biggest challenge. Although internet marketing has made it ways to conventional marketing now there is a serious dearth of comprehensive training courses that would cover all the aspects of it.

Businesses no longer want to limit their growth possibilities to conventional marketing tools. Online media offer them wider prospect to promote their brands with higher ROI. The challenge however is not simple for marketing managers. They struggle for a complete knowledge on internet marketing and its continuously changing trends. In the changed market context, it has become imperative for marketing professionals to have at least, workable knowledge of online promotion for career growth and success.

There are now training institutions that offer internet marketing (digital marketing) courses to marketing managers. The course content focuses on creating awareness, identifying potential of online media and teaching ways to leverage its advantages. By blending theory with hands-on industry training, the course curricular obtains a balanced approach towards the subject.

Internet marketing is a dynamic topic. Moreover, it depends largely upon the changes and updates of search engine algorithm. Since Google came into being in 1996 it has continuously strived in improving search alternatives for users to offer them better results. In addition, strategies of internet marketing changed accordingly. Lately, with emergence of social media, online marketing transpired to another level and became more users focused. Marketing managers were given the tool to actually convince and motivate audience on internet platform and turn them into loyal brand advocates. A complete course on online marketing covers all aspects—basics as well as advanced levels of internet marketing techniques.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is perhaps the most popular method and backbone of your online marketing. Its popularity can be measured by the fact that an entire industry of SEO has emerged out of it. SEO is the most comprehensive approach towards building online reputation for a site by improving its position in search engine results. The idea is to help users find the services they are looking for easily through direct searches on search engines, namely Google, Yahoo or Bing.

As a marketing manager, one would be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Revising the structure of website and blog to make it SEO friendly
  • Targeting your customer with proper keywords
  • Keep customer more engaged and persuasive
  • Lead generation
  • Correcting errors whenever necessary
  • Developing content and
  • Managing online campaign

SMO: Even though SEO is backbone of your business, it covers just 20 percent of your online marketing strategy. What about 80 percent? We have some 40 types of online marketing activities, out of which Social media is most powerful tool. Social media has allowed online users to build network and communicate directly using the web-based platform. Introduction of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have quite transformed the landscape of online communication. The new generation of internet users is more informed and knowledgeable since they can access information easily.

With our comprehensive Social Media Optimization (SMO) course, you will achieve the different aspects of social media elements, including:

  • Social media strategies
  • Facebook marketing mix
  • Twitter marketing
  • Google profile (most powerful tool)
  • Building trust over customer

Email marketing: One can directly communicate with prospective customers—update and engage them through targeted emails. Email marketing offers higher return on investment and more value for money spent. It is affordable; easy to plan and manage; customizable; action oriented; focused; and measurable.

Email facilitates mass communication in a personalized way. You can initiate special communication with your clients and target with deals and offers relevant for them. With all these benefits e-mail can become a formidable tool in your marketing portfolio. However, it demands proper training and guidance to make email marketing strategy successful.

At SEO Training Point, you will learn how to:

  • Retain your old customer
  • Increasing customers’ loyalty
  • Generate more revenue from existing customer
  • Get more referral
  • Special benefit for special customer

Google AdWords training PPC (pay per click): It is a paid form of online marketing that is targeted to increase number of quality leads for a business. One must therefore ensure quicker and higher ROI from PPC campaign. PPC, an integral part of online marketing, is popular with entrepreneurs irrespective of size or domain. An online marketing course will cover all the different forms of online paid advertising for better strategizing to run effective online marketing campaign.

With our PPC training, you will learn:

  • How to launch your own campaign
  • Why you should, and when
  • Adwords tool
  • How to write catchy copy that yields more clicks
  • How to bid

PTC (Paid to click): It is another form of paid online advertising that has recently become very popular. It runs on the referral model and a percentage of the advertising cost is paid to the visitor when he/she sees the advertisement. It is a great idea for people looking at earn from home options and at the same time it offers visibility and business to the advertiser. With right planning and strategy, one can ensure continuous flow of new business through PTC program. As a marketing manager, you would need to identify which PTC websites will be best for you.

Affiliating marketing: Acquiring business partners can fetch faster results on your online marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing is about developing a three-way relationship including advertiser, publishers and customers. It runs on a technology called cookies, which is a process to store user information and preferences for future references in order to offer you refined search solutions next time when you use internet.

Affiliate marketing demands formulating the right structure and rewarding system that will yield faster result. The target is to generate more quality leads for business. The course will cover the following:

  • Planning affiliate marketing strategy
  • Identifying affiliate partners
  • Planning commission structure for referrals
  • Identification of right opportunities to place banners
  • Planning pay per click program

Blog: Almost all businesses today need blogs as an extension of the corporate presence. It is used as a platform for corporate communication—to promote company services, deals and collaboration. It can also play a crucial role in driving in traffic for your website and improve its ranking. We will show you live, it means, we will crate blog for you and show you how you can help your organization:

  • Increasing visibility of your organization
  • Building healthy relationship with customer
  • Generate new customers
  • Making contribution to industry by sharing news, updates and advancements
  • Creating awareness with prospective customers about upcoming products and services
  • Facilitating business growth and profit

Viral marketing: Social media has presented with the opportunity where you can make people talk about your products and services freely. ‘Words of mouth’ has always remained the strongest form of advertising for organizations. People tend to take you more seriously when their friends and keen refer your services to them. It is therefore important to create a buzz on the social media platform so that people like and share your ideas to others. This aspect of online marketing is called viral marketing and it is currently in the vogue and is really popular.

Digital asset marketing: By digital asset marketing, we mean marketing images and videos. Specially prepared videos are shared at website like YouTube and contain a link back to your website for interested visitors to find out more about services and products. These videos can be online tutorials, PPT presentations, advertisement, entertainment, etc.

E-book: E-books have become the latest marketing tool for online marketing managers. Amongst the strongest trends of online marketing that will dominate in 2014, e-book is one. If you have not written an e-book yet, perhaps it is the best time to start one. Writing, publishing, and promoting e-book helps with brand promotion and creates value for your name. This is also a way to improve income.

E-books are great source of information and users like the academic style in which these are written. Since e-books are not intended to be promotional these are great ways to create awareness among your prospective customers, making them informed about your products and services in subtle ways. During our training program, we will show you how to crate an e-book and get the optimum benefits. You will be able to know how to:

  • Improve the value of your brand name and establishes it with your audience
  • Get 10 to 20 percent new customer (learn special tips)
  • Circulate it as a free manifesto to promote your ideas and services (the real game is here)
  • It is a viable marketing product with longer shelf-life
  • These can be circulated, published on different websites as well as sent to visitors registered to receive them as a process to increase number of visitors to your website.

For start-ups as well as established businesses, e-books help creating a resource pool that can direct new visitors to your website for a longer period of time.

Content marketing: As a critical aspect of online marketing, content marketing receives a lot of hype. Approach towards online content has changed over time to become more focused and driven. The competition too has intensified as thousands of websites now jostle to attract visitors. Your content must stand out in the crowed to attract readers.

  • Inbound traffic
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Brand awareness
  • Convert leads to deal

Effective content marketing can go a long way in promoting your business across the web platforms. It however demands strategic approach and of course, proper training to write effective copies that will distribute authentic and engaging content.

Online content covers quite a broad range. It comprises—articles, blogs, e-books, marketing collaterals, brochures, whitepapers, PPT presentations, website pages, infographics, memes, cartoons, video scripts and more.

We just mentioned some of the components of internet marketing that you will learn. Our complete internet marketing training will cover 40 components. Here are the components:

  1. SEO
  2. SEM (PPC)
  3. SMO
  4. SMM (PPC)
  5. Display ad
  6. Banner exchange (reciprocal, 2-way, 3-way)
  7. Contextual ad
  8. Revenue sharing
  9. Video
  10. Webinar
  11. Email
  12. Affiliate marketing
  13. EBook
  14. White paper
  15. Case studies
  16. Infographic
  17. PTC
  18. Blog
  19. Forum
  20. Review
  21. Group
  22. Article
  23. Press lease
  24. E-Newsletter
  25. Landing page
  26. Squeeze page
  27. Video squeeze page
  28. Website
  29. Static
  30. Dynamic
  31. Micro site
  32. Responsive
  33. E-commerce
  34. D-commerce
  35. White label site
  36. E-pub (kindle, iBook, Sony reader)
  37. Local directories
  38. Mobile ad
  39. File sharing
  40. Group buying sites (deal of the day)

Wait! We have some more for you. Content development, creation, curation and writing. Yes, this is real learning, we call it strategic content writing. When visitors visit your site, what do they expect? The answer is informative content that they looking for. It could be blog, article, and press release etc. We will teach you how you can prepare different types content that win customers.

Look at these contents:

  1. Article writing
  2. Banner
  3. Battle card
  4. Blog writing
  5. Brochure writing
  6. Case studies
  7. Comparison chart
  8. Customer presentation
  9. Data sheet
  10. E-book
  11. Infographic
  12. Landing page
  13. Newsletter
  14. Presentation
  15. Press release
  16. Product demo
  17. Social media content for profile
  18. Squeeze page
  19. Web content writing
  20. White paper

We believe joining our internet marketing training will not only give you 360-degree internet marketing gyan but also lengthen your online marketing vision.

Course fee is 40,000 INR (forty thousand). This fee covers training, live case study, marketing plan and many more. This course takes 90 hours.

We do not accept cheque. Once you enroll our training program, you cannot cancel the seat and you will not get your money back. However you transfer to your near and dear.


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