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Choosing the right institute is often challenging, especially for SEO training courses. More than a dozen factors come into play when one has to consider joining and pursuing a program. If you are searching for the best SEO training institute in Bangalore; we suggest you read this blog, where you get all the insights. Here we have narrated a story (This is a real story; names changed), where you will learn about two friends and their decisions.

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Story: The Tale of Two Friends: Choosing the right SEO training institute

Growing up in Bangalore, two friends Arjun and Ravi wanted to pursue their dream of becoming digital marketers. However, after completing their school years the desire to select the right SEO training institute became an arduous task.

Wandering paths

Let’s explore into their academic endeavours, Arjun excelled in every sphere both academically and in extracurricular activities. It prompted him to join a prestigious digital marketing institute whereas Ravi was facing financial setbacks and academically not doing well either and joined an institute to pursue an SEO training course. Their friendship endured the disparities, and each was supportive of the other in studying their respective courses.

The institute experience

Arjun’s institute had high-end facilities and remarkable infrastructure. There was so much to take in and do throughout the tenure of the course. Ravi swiftly adjusted to his institute with fewer facilities and resources to help develop his potential. However, this did not stop him from gaining knowledge as the mentor emphasized making him learn through interactive teaching and giving him the chance to explore and learn firsthand the usage of SEO tools and their applications.

The Job Hunt

After completing his course Arjun couldn’t get employment even after passing out of a prestigious institute, the lack of practical knowledge that he failed to accumulate during the training made him underqualified for the job market of today. Ravi, on the other hand, had garnered an impressive portfolio of real-world experiences, was able to impress his future employers and got hired by a reputable digital marketing firm.

The Lesson

The story of Ravi and Arjun underlines the fact that no matter how reputed the institute may be or how full-fledged the course curriculum proposes to teach the candidate. It’s the hands-on approach, practical training and dealing with real-life scenarios that will go a long way towards achieving success.

Choosing the Best SEO Training Institute in Bangalore

SEO training

Hope you learned how Ravi and his right decision to think out of the box became a turning point in his career, but in order to justify, Why SEO Training Point is the best SEO training institute in Bangalore, we have provided 20 points to consider helping you decide the right institute.

Here are 20 points:

  1. Comprehensive curriculum

We have meticulously curated one of the best SEO courses Bangalore curricula covering crucial aspects of SEO for the students. Our course has 20 modules.

2. Experienced Instructors

    The founder Mr. Manish Ray is the lead mentor at SEO Training Institute and provides the students with hands-on training. Having an industry experience of 25 years, Mr. Ray has been in SEO training for a decade and is a pioneer in the field of trainers in the city. Aspirants from not only within the country but across the globe have approached him for SEO training.

    3. Updated course materials

    Since the training center is always ahead of others in incorporating the latest developments in SEO, we update the latest search engine analytics to teach our students to use SEO effectively for the best results.

    4. Online training

    The learning experiences for students are enhanced with one-on-one classes or even group classes with our Chief mentor Mr. Ray guiding them to adapt the processes of SEO. The batches are small and convenient to learn and interact with to gain maximum benefit from the classes. (early bird and group registrations can avail discounts in fee, contact us for more information)

    5. Usage of SEO tools

    Our courses have worked on teaching the efficient usage of SEO tools and software (even the updated and new ones!) enabling them to have a practical understanding of the application.

    6. Customized learning paths

    Each course at SEO Training Point is tailored to suit each level of learning. From basic-level courses for beginners, mid-level learners for intermediate courses and advanced courses for those already in the field and want to up skill with us.

    7. Workshops and seminars

    The institute hosts regular webinars and workshops with industry experts and professionals in the field of digital marketing enabling you to build up strong ties with peers and network with respected intellectuals in this field.

    8. Small batch sizes

    We believe in personalized attention, only accommodating smaller batches (up to 15 students max) to ensure better interactive classes and give an opportunity to each student to clear their doubts without hesitations.

    9. Certifications

    Our SEO-recognized certification courses have enormous job potential for students seeking employment opportunities while enhancing their credibility in the job market.

    10. Flexible timings

      We offer flexible class schedules to help fit in with your busy life. Our classes include weekend batches and online coaching facilities. These timings allow working professionals, homemakers and students to join and enhance their credibility in the digital marketing sphere.

      11. Industry partnerships

        SEO Training Point collaborates with several businesses to work on several live projects and real-world case studies. These practical training methods are at par with digital marketing courses ensuring to bridge the gap between academic learning and professional application.

        12. Personalized experience

          Each aspirant can get a bespoke learning experience depending on their learning needs. Curated classes for beginners and advanced SEO techniques with many options for one-on-one mentoring sessions. SEO course duration and fees are designed to cover every aspect of SEO required to efficiently run small to large businesses.

          13. Continuous support

            Unlike other institutes we ensure our students reach out to us, post the course to find our support and help them navigate in their early days of recruitment. Also, we encourage them to continue learning and trending with evolving advancements.

            14. Practical training

              SEO Training Point creates an optimal learning environment providing access to industry-standard tools and software for SEO practice. After the completion of the course, the students will walk away with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) certification.

              15. Placements

                Students who have trained in SEO Training Point have had impressive placement opportunities. They have been hired by some of the best companies in the country while many of them have set up their own Digital Marketing agencies.

                16. Alumni Success

                  The Alumni have gone on to work for top firms and their success stories are a testament to the quality of training in Search Engine optimization courses provided by mentor and trainer Mr. Ray at SEO Training Point. Since the institute has forged partnerships and collaborations for more than 10+ years, students can surely anticipate securing jobs and achieving success.

                  17. Affordable and flexible pricing

                    It provides quality training to aspirants at affordable seo course fees Bangalore compared to other institutes. Students across the country can now directly work with the mentor himself (Mr. Manish Ray) work on group or individual coaching with flexible payment plans making it accessible to a wide range of students.

                    18. Positive Feedback and Reviews

                      For several years now students who have trained under our trainer have achieved success at the highest levels. His teaching and his methods are appreciated by all those who have had the good fortune of training under a highly experienced person who recognizes the potential in his students enabling them to scale the ladder of success.

                      19. Supportive Community

                        Being Part of SEO Training Point, the best SEO training institute in Bangalore, allows you to be a part of a vibrant community of learners and professionals. networking opportunities

                        The alumni network also allows the current students to be successful entrepreneurs and professionals in the field. The connections are invaluable steps for career development and job opportunities.

                        20. Job assistance

                        Candidates learning at our institute will get support in placement with our tie-ups with leading marketing agencies and companies to secure jobs after SEO course completion.


                        Knowing that you need to keep up with the constant digital changes and be updated with the latest SEO trends, training is a vital component to make you relevant. SEO Training Point in Bangalore has the best SEO training course providing the right SEO skills at affordable pricing to help you build a successful career.

                        Take your first step to success in an SEO career with SEO Training Point!

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