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Want to start your own online business, that’s fantastic. Running an online business gives entrepreneurs freedom to make money from anywhere in the world. But many people do not know where to start? Even though they know about the ideas, but cannot figure out the profitability. There could be many reasons; your strengths & skill and marketing strategy, resources and more.

This is not a simple life-changing trick. Starting a business doesn’t work like that. Every business has its own challenges and limitations. You need to choose an online business that is legitimate, long-term, and profitable and scalable. If you are looking to start your online business, we are here to help you. Our online entrepreneur training program covers everything that you need to know.

If you want to know how to start your own online business, we are here to guide you. With our online entrepreneurship training program you will learn step-by-step to acquire knowledge and skills to transforms your online business into a successful profit making business. We have developed this small business and entrepreneurship trainings specifically for budding entrepreneurs, who are dreaming of startling an online business.

Do these questions bother you?

When you think to start your own online business, there would be number of questions come to your mind.  We have jotted down some of these questions that you might think.

Which online business to choose? How to promote business? How to get leads? How to get business? Who will give support and guidance? Who will train my team? How to hire resources? How to make marketing strategy? How can I make a one-year marketing plan? How to meet ROI. Who will develop my website? What about web hosting. Is my online business is safe and secure. Do you guarantee business? And many more. Do not worry. We will help in all fronts and make you a successful entrepreneur.

How can entrepreneur training program help?

Small online business and entrepreneurship training has recently become famous. These trainings aim to provide small entrepreneurs with a full understanding of the scope of business and how to use the opportunities in their favor. The course will include the following agenda so that one can start a business in a few months.

  • A complete business plan so that you can actually evaluate your scopes
  • Complete marketing strategy to promote your business in smart ways that is both affordable and rewarding

Small businesses often run on strict budget and therefore extensive homework only improves its chances of surviving the competition. They need more innovative ways to promote their business that would offer quicker results so that they can reach the breakeven point faster. We have assumed the role of a mentor for small entrepreneurs by offering them comprehensive guidance about starting, planning and marketing their small business. As a part of our training program we also offer them technological solutions regarding building websites and search engine optimization so that they have a solid footing when they start.

Small online business and entrepreneurship training of SEO Training Point are divided into the following categories. 

Online business viability

This is the first module of our training program, where you will tell you which online businesses are viable. Meaning that by spending less money you can earn more. We have handpicked some of the online businesses that are high on demand and yield good returns. We will showcase top 10 businesses and their details including investment, profit and all.

Initial investment

Once you decide the business that you want to start, we will explain the cost involvement. This initial investment includes company registration, hiring staff and marketing promotions. There would be recurring investment as well. We will also explain about the profitability. The minimum investment start with 20,000 inr and goes up to 5,00,000 inr.

Developing a business plan

This part will discuss and evaluate scopes of business given present market condition and future possibilities. We help you in drawing up a business plan that is economically viable and resource efficient. Often delivered at a personal level, the training focuses on skill development that is essential for successful entrepreneurship.

Choosing a business name

When it comes to online businesses, deciding a name can be difficult. Because your company name should be catchy and at the same time be available for registration. We’ve seen people struggle to come up with a business name. Sometimes a business name is accessible, but the same name is already taken on social media. We will help you to choose a business name that is available across all online platforms and available for registration.

Website development

Website development involves technicalities and expenses. Often small businesses don’t have the means or resources to develop websites. We will develop and design website for your business that is mobile friendly, high-performance and attention grabbing. The complete web development includes:

  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting and SSL
  • Logo designing
  • Banner designing
  • Original content writing
  • SEO

Turn your website into terrifying business tool with assistance from us. Get more visitors to it and generate qualified leads for your business.

Resources hiring

Well this is optional. Certain businesses online businesses do not need resources. You can drive on your own. For example, if you own a blogging or affiliate marketing, you may not need any staff. You may outsource your task. But if you own online business like Digital marketing agency, ecommerce website, you certainly need team. In such context we will hire professionals that match your need.

Training your team

Next step is to train the staff. Even though we will hire qualified staff, but they need to understand your business goal and audience. Since every business is unique, your team needs to get customized training. Our trainers will take them through step-by-step training to understand the bossiness needs, customer goal and how to achieve.

Launching website

It is to launch your site. Having said that we check multiple times to run the site and make sure site has no issues. The process runs through a set of check points including technical checkup, content, SEO, speed and many more. We run through 200 check points before we make the site live.

Marketing strategy

Effective marketing is the key to success. Small and emerging businesses need the support of effective marketing plan more than large organizations. To help, SEO Training Point offers complete marketing solution to entrepreneurs. We offer a wide range of industry specific marketing strategy to outreach the audience. We will help your team to leverage different types of marketing strategies to reach your target audience. This includes

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Email marketing

Lead generation and sales

With our foolproof marketing strategy, we will help you to achieve leads. Once you get leads, we will try to crack sales. We will work as team and grow.


As a digital marketing consultant we will analyze, find the gap, and reengineer the entire process to elevate the business. We will also enhance your results from online marketing fast using our strategies. As we mentioned, we will work as team and make this happen.

Mentoring and support

In our understanding, ongoing mentoring and support plays a vital role in encouraging and enabling a small business owner and entrepreneur to build their confidence, competence and overall capability. Without this support, a huge chunk of business owners will never apply their skills. We have therefore, developed program, which will help you at every stage of your in business cycle.

Top online businesses for your to choose

Whether you are planning to start full-time online business or passive income, your product or service should meet a specific consumer demand. We’ve put together a list of profitable online business that you can start right away.

1. PLR Ebook business
2. Start your online course business
3. Start your digital marketing agency
4. Start your content writing agency
5. Blogging site
6. Affiliate marketing
7. Whatsapp bulk messaging business
8. Guest positing site
9. Solo ad business

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