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SEO course in Bangalore

Welcome to SEO Training Point, Bangalore and thanks for visiting our site. We are one of the oldest SEO institutes in Bangalore. Our institute has been providing SEO training since 2012 and shaping up many students’ future.

If you are planning to build your career in SEO, this course is for you. We here at SEO Training Point offer student-centric SEO course in Bangalore that is job-oriented, hands-on and employable. You can avail our SEO training course in Bangalore through online and class room. Currently we are offering only online class.

We understand SEO aspirants are from different background with different choices. Some of you may look for job, while some of you might opt for online income. Keeping this in mind, SEO Training Point has come up with bespoke SEO course that will certainly meet your needs. All courses are practical and live.

SEO Training Point always endeavors to provide proper knowledge to all students with live sessions at our Bangalore center and also through online platform. Our profound trainers always maintain quality benchmark of training. Our course fees, course duration, certification, and placement are set by our core team and meet the market standard.  Please take your time and learn about our course.

SEO Training Course

We have been providing SEO training and service since 2011 and from our experience we have observed that SEO is the most challenging one as compared to any other digital marketing channels.

Content writing course

We have been providing SEO training and service since 2011 and from our experience we have observed that SEO is the most challenging one as compared to any other digital marketing channels.

Blogging course online

We have been providing SEO training and service since 2011 and from our experience we have observed that SEO is the most challenging one as compared to any other digital marketing channels.

What is SEO in plain English?

In short, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is an organic way to bring online traffic to website, rank keyword, and grow business. SEO takes time and needs continuous effort to maintain the rank in search engines. Since search engines change their algorithms and technology frequently, SEO professionals need to learn latest SEO techniques. In order to keep you updated, we have designed this SEO course which is industry standards and make you well-equipped with technology, techniques and trends. You will learn different types of organic methods to drive traffic, boost web authority, rank keywords and grow business.

Why learn search engine optimization course

When it comes to online consumer behavior, 90 percent of consumers rely on organic search. Whether it is online food order, booking ticket, or even online course, people like to go for organic search (SEO). What it says that if website is not searchable on search engines like Google and Bing, it loses 70 percent business. As a budding SEO professional you will be able to know the advantages of SEO while joining SEO course.

Here are top 15 benefits of SEO:

Drive organic traffic

Brand building

Completely free marketing tool

Boost web authority

Rank keywords

Reach global audience

Grow business globally

Lead generation

Local SEO

Open new business avenues

Stay ahead of competitors

Build trust and loyalty

Reach mobile audience

Easy measurable

Improve user experience

Who should join this course


Have you just finished your course and looking for a promising career, SEO is the best option to choose. As this course does not demand any technical skill you can join digital marketing course and make your career. You will be able to get:

  • Practical session
  • Live projects
  • Placement assistance
  • Resume preparation
  • Mock interview session
  • Probable questions and answers
  • Global certifications

Job seeker

If you have completed your professional course and not gone through the campus, do not worry. Through our step by step SEO training program, you will be able to grasp faster as compared to fresher. This course will help you to achieve:

  • Learn latest digital marketing techniques
  • Prepare digital marketing proposal
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Audit, analyze and reporting
  • Better chance to crack the interview
  • Good package


We understand how imperative it is to get online business. Keeping this in mind we have designed bespoke SEO course so that professional will be able to learn every aspect of SEO and make use of it. You will learn:

  • SWOT analysis
  • SEO strategies
  • Organic lead generation
  • Live case study
  • Content marketing
  • Preparing content calendar
  • Inbound marketing
  • Online reputation management

Homemaker (Housewife)

Thanks to digital world that has offered equal opportunities to housewife. Now you can money sitting at home just by doing some smart online work. Our SEO training for homemaker (housewife) has gamut of opportunities:

  • YouTube income
  • Blogging income
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Freelance writing
  • Micro job
  • Consulting
  • E-commerce
  • D-commerce

Career opportunities in SEO

SEO gives equal opportunities to students, small business owner, and even housewife/homemaker. These days every company needs SEO professional, who can optimize their website. If you are students want to purse your career, here is the career path:

  • SEO trainee
  • SEO analyst
  • SEO specialist
  • SEO lead
  • SEO manager

SEO course overview

This course helps you learn every aspect of SEO including keyword research, content development, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, local SEO, content marketing and some key strategies that will make you a sheer SEO professional.

Since today’s world is functioning on the basis of digital platforms, knowing SEO will help you in several ways. Making an online presence has become a significant part of human life. Whether it is online sales or branding, in both the cases you will need the help of search engine optimization. This is why learning SEO is necessary for you.

Our profound and experienced trainers will take you through the entire SEO course and help you achieve entire gamut of SEO. You can also combine other courses along with SEO course and experience happy SEO learning. Move a step closer to make your presence digitally. Our course is perfect for both students and professionals. The content is full of information, but crisp. This course has 22 modules and takes about 40 hours to complete.

  1. Understanding search engine (30 min)

  2. How search engine works (15 min)

  3. How SEO works (30 min)

  4. What is keyword (15 min)

  5. Types of keyword (1 hour)

  6. Keyword research (1 hour)

  7. Content development (1 hour)

  8. Understanding website (1 hour)

  9. On-page optimization (2 hours)

  10. Technical SEO (1 hour)

  11. Off-page optimization (10 hours)

  1. Local SEO (1 hour)

  2. Ecommerce SEO (1 hour)

  3. Document optimization (30 min)

  4. Video optimization (30 min)

  5. Google search Console (1 hour)

  6. Google Analytic (1 hour)

  7. Competitor analysis (2 hours)

  8. SEO strategies (2 hours)

  9. SEO proposal (2 hours)

  10. SEO tools (2 hours)

  11. SEO assignment

SEO training and placement in Bangalore

Since 2012, SEO Training Point has been providing placement to our students. In order to assist our students we have tied up with many corporate and consultants in Bangalore. We assist our students in fulltime, part-time, and internship. Once you complete SEO course, our placement officers will collect CV form you and then make necessary changes so that your CV looks more meaningful and professionals. Once your CV gets ready, our placement officer will share with our clients. Either clients or our institute will notify you by email/phone for interview process. We have good track record of SEO training and placement in Bangalore. Added to this, our placement officers work diligently to support you with internship as well. We will also guide you to apply for SEO jobs on leading job portals and social media.

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Why choose SEO Training Point

There are many reasons why students choose SEO Training Point for their desired SEO course. We are a team of profound and accomplished trainers, that always at hand to help and support. We are well known for our extraordinary levels of guidance and mentoring, whenever students need advice, we stand by their side.

It does not make any difference whether you are fresher or house wife or even professional, as we pay equal attention to our students. If you want to augment your knowledge and market value or want to be a distinguished blogger/YouTuber, SEO Training Point will help you in such a way that nobody else can.

Key points to consider us:

  1. 90% knowledge retention

  2. Practical training for each module

  3. Global SEO certification

  4. Work with premium tools

  5. Online and classroom training

  6. 100 percent placement assistance

  7. Mock interview

  8. Flexible timings

  9. Employable opportunities

  10. Certified trainer

  11. One of the oldest institutes

  12. Affordable fees

Are you a self-starter planning to start online business? Let us make your dreams come true. With us, you can

  • Earn six-figure from home

  • Help your family

  • Travel more

  • Have multiple income

  • Increase your assets

  • Create of your future


SEO Training Point is one of the oldest institutes in Bangalore that offers specialized courses in SEO, Blogging, content writing and online home business. We have been providing customized and practical-driven courses since 2012.

Yes we have. Recently we have opened our branch in Bhubaneswar. If you are looking for SEO Training institute in Bhubaneswar, visit our branch. We are located at Jaydev Vihar.

Since students are from different background, we try to offer customized digital marketing courses, which are student friendly and easy to understand. Our digital marketing courses comprise of complete digital marketing bundle, SEO, video marketing, content marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, content writing, and web development.

You can join classroom and online as well.

It varies. Some our courses are of 4 hours, some are of 150 hours.

To be honest, we do not guarantee any job however we will provide interview leads.

Yes we do.

Actually, you do not need any specific qualification to join digital marketing course. If you have dedication and passion you can take up this course. In case you are looking job, you need to be at least graduates.

Our global certifications include Google, Semrush, Hubspot.

Yes, we provide.

Yes, we provide PDF. You can also refer our blog.

Yes we do.

Yes, we love our student to guide.

Yes, you can cancel within 5 working days and we will deduct some portion of your fee and return. Beyond 5 days you cannot cancel the course and will not get your money back; however you can transfer this course to others.


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