About Us

In late 2011, a bunch of digital marketing experts and instructors formed SEO Training Point with a vision to provide digital marketing training to create employability.

The founder, Mr. Manish Ray always had a passion for sharing digital marketing with common people, so that the world will witness more digital-educated masses.

We, at SEO Training Point have been providing world-class digital marketing training to professionals for nearly 10 years. Till now we have helped thousands of aspirants and transformed them into professionals.

What Made Us Start Digital Marketing Training

The founder has been focusing on digital marketing from a long time. After spending over 20 years in the industry, he realized the need for a world-class digital marketing training institute in India which not only provides the best training and development but also helps students become more employable and confident.

Besides this, we know that technology is growing at an incredible pace. Digital marketing enthusiasts need to be aware of technology paradigm of digital marketing. In addition, to be an industry standard digital marketing professional, they need to have hands-on training for optimal training.

The lack of world-class digital marketing training institute in the country is remarkable despite the immense popularity of online marketing. Realizing the immense talent pool in the country and feeling the need to guide these enthusiasts to become professional-quality digital marketing experts, the founder decided to launch an international standard digital marketing training institute.

This resulted in formation of SEO Training Point, an institute with multiple facets that transforms individuals into digital marketing professionals.

What We Do

We provide knowledge and skill-based training individuals, businesses and professionals to make them more employable and experts. Our trainers and instructors strive to deliver clear-cut training to participants using agile learning methodology equipped with innovative tools and effective strategies.

We collaborate with digital experts to design and develop course materials that offer the essential digital skills required by professionals in today’s online world.

At SEO Training Point, we deliver training with innovative techniques that transfer digital knowledge to meet the technological challenges of tomorrow.

Our institute solves the worldwide lack of optimal digital skills by offering industry-centric digital marketing training.

We help professionals with:

    • The ability to stay a step ahead of competition by building current digital skills

    • The vital skill building at all levels of professions

    • The opportunity to collaborate and connect with a vast network of sponsors

    • Changing career and boosting chances of holding your dream job

Our Commitment

We, at SEO Training Point, are committed to providing professional-level training to our students and transform them to become increasingly competent and thriving digital marketing professionals.

To ensure this, we have on board expert trainers who have real work experience and they share their experience. What makes us different from others is that we amalgamate intellect, thoughts and vision.

We work as catalysts to turn enthusiasts into digital professionals through extensive training with live projects. We always motivate our students to achieve their optimal goals through:

    • Practical based training to improve skills

    • Providing specialized and scalable training

    • Leveraging latest tools

    • Hands-on training

Your Career Comes First

As we already told, our bottom-line is your career and for this, we provide customized training, career counselling, mock interviews, practical learning and skill development. Our students have access to job boards, newsletters, updates, meet up and more.

We have parented with several companies and consultants, so that our students can get more employment opportunities. SEO Training Point keenly seeks employment for our students with our business partners and consultants.

Why choose us?

SEO Training Point solves the worldwide deficit of digital experts by offering industry-centric digital marketing skills and certificates. Some of the key aspects that make SEO Training Point the top choice for digital marketing enthusiasts are:

    • Relevant course content – We offer excellent digital marketing training with the help of elite tech experts connected with major tech companies worldwide. We have successful collaborations with industrial experts and market leaders to review and edit our course at any point so as to ensure that our course content is the most relevant and current.

    • Global certification – Once our students complete our digital marketing courses, we offer them with globally recognized certification which is industry-recognized everywhere. International certifications such as from Google, Semrush and Hubspot are accepted by all organizations which make it on par with any other international tech course.

    • Captivating learning experience – We use unique training methods to deliver world-class education. We offer the best student-to-instructor ratio, ensure small class sizes for optimal effectiveness and provide additional attention to students who need it. Our panel of digital experts constantly review and edit the course material to ensure that you always learn the latest and most effective digital marketing techniques and tips from us.

    • Industry specific skill building – Our digital courses are designed and delivered by industry experts who are leaders in their fields. SEO Training Point is itself founded by significantly successful digital marketing experts and professionals who are focused on producing industry-centric digital experts, designers and developers.

SEO Training Point is the place where digital experts are created every day.