Blogging course online

If you are looking for a genuine way to make money online, then blogging is the right answer. Wondering how it works? It is simple. Own a website, publish topics, attract visitors, and make money.

We offer step by step blogging course online, that will show you exact methods right from website development, content strategy, to monetization. You do not just earn from one method, but multi income source from a single blog.

Whether you are a fresher, 12th pass, or even a professional want to make money with a blog, our Blogging course will be a perfect fit for you. Our experienced trainers are experts in their field and they know what they do. Some of our students run their successfully.

To be a successful blogger, you need to build a roadmap, leverage blogging techniques, develop a content strategy, and SEO techniques. Because all of these skills will keep your blog going for years and pave the way for solid income.

With our blogging course, your blogging career will be safe, longevity, promising and income-driven. We offer blogging course online (India and Global) with small group, so that it will more interactive and less messy. Talk to us for more information. You can join our free webinar.

What is blogging?

In simple term, blogging is an informational website that publishes content for its audience. It is a platform, where an individual or a group of writers publishes informational content or share views on a particular niche or subject.

The purpose of blogging is to share knowledge, get views, and earn money. You as a blogging enthusiastic need to write quality content, rank your web page, bring visitors and earn handsome money. Do not worry, if you are not a writer.

Why blogging an impressive career

We understand you are still wondering to take blogging as career. Right? And that is a valid point. Why you should consider blogging as a full time/part-time career. Here are some of the reasons considering blogging as a career:

You make money: Publish quality content on your website. Promote with a strategy. Depending on how much time you invest in your blog, decide how much you can earn. Ordinary people like you make thousands of dollars with their blog. If you are serious about this career, you can transform your blog into a cash cow.

You become influencer: Do you want thousands of people to follow you. Followers are like fanatic; they early wait for your new blog. That is the real power of a die-hard blogger. If you continuously publish blog, share useful information, and solve your viewers’ question, you become an influence.

Recession free career: Where there is a job crunch or job-cut your blog safeguards your career and life. In last couple of years, due to pandemic many people lost their job. At this difficult juncture blog can be a great choice for income.

Who should join blogging course:

  • Students
  • Writer
  • Professional
  • Housewife
  • Subject matter expert
  • Teachers and lecturer

Blogging Course Benefits

  • Practical learning
  • Latest techniques
  • Learn from experts
  • Increase your blogging income
  • Affordable cost
  • Hone your blogging skill
  • SEO ranking
  • Content development strategy

Why our blogging course is unique

Happiness is certainly a feeling but significant because every student tries to achieve this feeling and achieves things having this feeling within them. It is therefore important for every student to find a course that will bring them happiness and utter stratification, so whatever you do you with perfection.

Here at SEO Training Point, you will obtain an excellent training with full focus on practical skills and professional approach. What makes us unique is the integrated training methodology we use.

Below you will find the top reasons that provide the answer:

  • The fastest: Our blogging course is super easy to consume in the shortest possible time
  • Our course is easy to understand: Our course is in simple English, clear, and step by step
  • Seasoned trainer: We hire only experienced trainers, who have real work experience.
  • knowledge and skill-driven: You will gain the real knowledge and skill
  • Friendly and interactive: We are friendly and open. You can ask as many questions as possible
  • We are flexible: We have flexible training timing. Support group and individual
  • Convenient: You can attend our training through online, video, and classroom.
  • Affordable: Course fees are pocket friendly
  • Your money is safe: We never ask any payment related question like OTP, password. We ask only online payment.

Blogging Course Overview

The course on blogging will cover comprehensive course content, which cover from the basics to the advanced content. The following are some of the contents covered in the blogging content, which are as under:

  • Blogging basics
  • Setting up a WordPress blog
  • Choosing the niche area or the topic for blog
  • Writing captivating content for blog
  • Making money from your blog
  • Ways of knowing the way network with other bloggers
  • Using the social media to widen your audience
  • How to make effective use of images and other visual media
  • Using a blog to attract new customers
  • Safety and security issues

Benefits on blogging course

The benefits of joining blogging course are many, which range from developing and brushing your writing skills along with giving a number of benefits as under:

  • You can learn and master the blogging and thus offer get an edge to your profile
  • You get a complete overview of the issues you need to launch a blog.
  • Make handsome money with our blogging course
  • How to do audience-centric blogging that converts
  • Ho to get 1000 blogging ideas
  • How to get guaranteed ranking (yes we are serious)
  • How to set up your blog from start to finish

In this way, the blogging course online has much to offer people from different occupations. Therefore, if you are willing to leverage the blogging platform, then you have landed at the right place.

So, join our blogging course online, learn all techniques, strategies, and live your dream.

Anyway you want this.

Course content

Blogging basics   

  • what is blogging
  • blogging vs. website
  • benefits of blogging
  • Future of blogging


Setting up a WordPress blog   

  • Understanding WordPress
  • Recommended plug-in
  • Working with Yoast
  • Webmaster and analytic

Choosing the niche area or the topic for blog

  • Which niche works for you
  • Knowing your audience
  • Demographic

Writing content for blog    

  • What is content
  • Content writing
  • Blogging ideas
  • SEO compliance content

Making money from your blog   

  • minimum content requirement
  • minimum visitors requirement
  • applying for monetization
  • Different ways to make money

Ways of promotion

  • cross promotion
  • social media
  • video promotion
  • Email marketing
  • 20 ways


How to use images effectively

  • Image sharing
  • Infographic
  • Working with Pinterest


  • Content sharing tool
  • Link building tools
  • Analytical tools

Safety and security issues

  • Backup
  • Safeguard your content
  • SSL
  • Sitelok


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