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Are you searching for content writing course in Bangalore, that an offer industry standard course and placement assistance. Count on us. Many content writing aspirants like you feel that content writing is tough, but honesty speaking it is not. With proper training and techniques one can easily be a content writer. We provide content writing course in Bangalore that is step-by-step and practical. With our content writing course, you can become a professional writer and also bag other freelance opportunities.

Content writing reach is massive. From Ecommerce companies, digital marking agency, web portal, news agency and many other companies publish million of content. More than 50% of content come from freelance writers/agency.

Our trainers help you understand the ins and outs of content writing. They explain how to write original content with SEO. You will learn different types of content including website, blog, press release, article, listicle, product review, product description and email writing. We have designed this content writing course especially for beginner to make them professional content writer. Experienced content writers can join our course. Grow your career by obtaining a certificate in content writing from SEO Training Point.

What is content writing

Content writing is a process of analyzing, prioritizing, and writing content for digital marketing promotions. Content writing includes website content, blog, product descriptions and over 30 types of content. Organizations published them on web portal, social media, blogs and other online platforms.

Content writing plays a significant role for today’s digital marketing, because without content there is no business. Content writers help organizations to develop content, so that they can engage their consumer and convert sales.

Why content writing

Content writing is the most effective way to achieve leads, business, and brand recognition. As customers search online for purchasing, organizations must include content marketing as their key strategy. If organizations do not leverage, they will lose business. This is why content writing plays important role.

But what does a content writer get out of this? You have huge opportunities as there is a dearth of quality writer. The hard fact is that digital industry is struggling to find quality writers. Neither they know SEO nor content writing. Eventually they will look our content writer.

Who can start content writing career

  • Graduates
  • Website owners
  • Aspirant content writer
  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Digital marketers
  • Freelance content writers
  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate marketer
  • SEO professionals

Eligibility to become content writer

  • Mass comm. and journalism
  • MA in English
  • Anybody with good English communication

Content writer’s job role

  • Content development specialists
  • Content marketing strategist
  • Inbound marketing strategist
  • Marketing communication specialist

Content writer employment (sector wise)

  • IT
  • Ecommerce
  • Web portal
  • News agency
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Digital marketing agency
  • Media

Content writing jobs

There are approx. 50,000 content writing jobs available in India. This includes fresher, intern, freelancer, Work from home, and experienced. Apart from these jobs, there are hundreds of freelance content marketplaces, where you can get freelance writing jobs.

Content writing salary

In India, the average salary for content writer is 20,000 per month; however it varies depending on the caliber and knowledge.

Top 10 reasons to become content writer

Because of digital marketing, Content marketing is becoming increasingly popular. The most important aspect of digital marketing is high-quality content writing. From small businesses to enterprises all need content. According to one source, 60% of businesses do not know how to engage with their target audience. As a consequence digital industry experiences a gap; hence leaves opportunity for writers. The following are the 10 reasons to explore a career in content writing:

  1. Work from home business opportunity
  2. Best online business option
  3. Multi-income streams
  4. Full time and part time job
  5. Freelance opportunities
  6. Start your own content writing agency
  7. Become a blogger
  8. Get paid for writing
  9. Sell your Ebook
  10. Revenue sharing

Join content writing course in Bangalore

Do you aspire to work as a content writer? Do you want to improve your writing and SEO skills in order to become an effective content writer? In this practical-driven content writing course you will learn and master content writing and content marketing. This 60-hour course will teach you how to improve your writing and marketing skills in just a few hours.

Our experienced trainers will explain you the complicated content writing mechanism in a straightforward manner so that you can learn quickly. So even if you are new to content writing, you will find this course simple to follow and grasp. This course is established by the founder, who has over 10 years of industry expertise and has written content for over 50 different websites. This course

10 benefits of our content writing course

  1. Learn content writing techniques
  2. SEO techniques to rank your blog, article
  3. Leverage content tools
  4. Practical leaning
  5. Write 50 unique article a day
  6. Start your own agency
  7. Get freelance content writing projects
  8. How to get free traffic
  9. How to get clients Foolproof content marketing strategy

It is time to take action

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” – Dale Carnegie.

We have no idea what’s going on in your head. It’s excellent if your career is going well. If not, you already know where your career will take you. However, if you have decided to pursue a career in content writing, now is the best time to start. Because there is a huge opportunity and the online economy is developing faster following the pandemic.

Join immediately by enrolling the content writing course that will help you get your content writing career in shape. This training will help you gain confidence as a writer. The course teaches you how to write the content you’ve always wanted to write. All of this happened in a matter of days. Is that something you truly desire for yourself? Here’s what you should do now. To get started, simply click the button and book your seat.

Content writing course overview

We have designed this content writing course to help you to become a professional content writer. Even if you are a beginner, we will guide you to write customer-centric content. With our systematic training, you can create all types of content such as blog, article, listicle, press release and many more. Unlike other courses, this course is fully practical with live assignments. The course is 60 hours long and consists of 17 modules.  Right from the first module you will start learning that will motivate you.  We will share with you the real knowledge and experience that we have gained from the industry.

As previously stated, we have been in the industry for ten years; therefore you will gain true knowledge. We will assign you a real task instead of showing you fictitious projects. You will have doubts and queries as we execute live projects. That’s exactly what we’re looking for. You ask as many questions as you want until you’re satisfied. In case you miss any sessions, you can access to our recorded videos.

Best content writing course in Bangalore

Content writing course modules

Module 1: Introduction to content writing

Module 2: Understanding writing style

Module 3: Content Strategy

Module 4: Leveraging tools

Module 5: Website and SEO writing

Module 6: Blog writing

Module 7: Press release

Module 8: Product review

Module 9: Product description

Module 10: Email Writing

Module 11: How to deal with plagiarism content

Module 12: Search engine optimization (SEO)

Module 13: Content promotion

Module 14: How to write 20 article a day

Module 15: How to get freelance content writing project

Module 16: Start your content writing agency

Module 17: How to make one crore with content writing

Learning Methodology

Our practical learning methodology demonstrates our dedication to preparing learners with right techniques and tactics that are aligned with industry for long-term success. We offer top-notch content writing course at SEO Training Point, with 17 modules designed to provide aspiring writers with the real skills and knowledge.

  • Trained by industry experts
  • Online class with live project
  • Skill development
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Training materials
  • Personalized training session


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