SEO training for business (startups & beginners)

Do you own a brick and mortar or ecommerce business? Do you want to see your website on top results of Google? Then you need to learn Search Engine optimization (SEO). We offer SEO training for business including small business, startups, and entrepreneurs.  Many people like you ask when it is right time do the SEO. The answer is right away. Why? Because if you do not leverage SEO, your competitors will take your business and nobody wants that. We offer easy to understand SEO training for business with live case study. Meaning that when you join our SEO training program; we will take your website as a case study and train you, so that you gain the real knowledge and skills.

Why is SEO training for business essential?

When your consumers look for a service like yours on Google or Bing, there are thousands of websites. To show the top results to consumers Google sorts and provides the best sites that are relevant and meaningful. If you wonder how Google decides what has to come on top, what not, the answer is algorithm. It is a method that determines who deserve top search results. Algorithms keep changing. And to rank a webpage Google checks over 200 factors. Though Google shares about the update, layman cannot understand this. Only those who understand the techniques can succeed. This is why SEO considered as a technical stuff and only to be performed by experts. Our SEO training for business is fully customized and practical.

If you learn the latest SEO techniques you can perform on your own. We will teach with latest techniques. Not just techniques you will learn foolproof strategy and much more. No need spend money or to outsource. You do on your own and see your business growing.

Another point to consider: We have seen many small businesses and entrepreneurs are being fooled or cheated by people claimed to be experts. They charge minimum 20,000 INR per month and ask for a contract at least for six months. And you never know their style of work. Are they doing ethical SEO or spamming? If you learn SEO, you can save money and do on your own.

SEO is one of the important things which you can control. There are so many things in a business which you cannot control – new competitors, how customers react to a new product, unforeseen business environment, new laws, and policies. Hope you get the picture. But SEO is a set of practices that you can do to bring more traffic to your business, is one of the most essential things you cannot afford to ignore. Get the best SEO training for business from our institute and elevate your business.

What is SEO in plain English?

Let us give you an everyday scenario. So you own a restaurant and you want people to find your restaurant for home delivery or finding your business when they decide to dine out. Either way, they are going to type words or phrases like; restaurants near me, veg restaurants in Bangalore, Chilly Paneer in Bangalore home delivery.

As soon as they type these on Google, Google will try to scan all the content there is on the internet relevant to these words/phrases or more like exactly these words/phrases containing websites. So if we exactly have these words on our website, Google will show our website. This is called Search Engine optimization (SEO).

But ranking a website in Google involves more than that. Nowadays all the websites more or less use the same keywords competing for the same customers’ searches. So Google takes into consideration other factors too (200 factors). Based on this, every website will be ranked in Google for every word/phrase typed. Ranking in Google is the same thing as getting listed in Google when you type anything in the search bar.

Top benefits for business owners

SEO makes quality leads – What are quality leads firstly? A customer who is more likely to buy from your business, more likely to re-purchase and bring other customers to the business more like them. Yes! SEO does bring exactly these kinds of leads because the whole process is targeting your specific audience. No old-school irritating sales and useless advertising. This also would ensure cost-effective lead generation. No spending money on advertisements everywhere.

SEO makes the whole process easier – The process of buying and selling, the process of finding a suitable place to buy from, and you finding desirable quality customers to sell used to be a complicated process until now. Now we have SEO to make the interface easier as it is properly mapped by the Search Engine. The people are now properly equipped with information, easy to navigate web pages, interactive and fun images, and videos. The best part is everything shown to the customer is relevant to him/her. They like it which means more clicks, more traffic, higher google rank, and more traffic. It is a never-ending circle until you stop SEO

Who is SEO training for?

  • Small business – SEO gives small businesses a fighting chance in the competitive market. If done proper SEO for the website at no cost will bring quality leads to the small business. Good SEO would also ensure a better website user interface. A clear clutter-free website providing a smooth service is bound to retain customers.
  • Startups – The biggest challenge for a startup is the fierce competition and no visibility. A good SEO gives the much-needed visibility a start-up requires. It brings brand awareness to the company. If the website is ranking high, people also tend to trust your brand more.
  • Entrepreneurs – If you are someone doing everything on your own for your business, you can easily add SEO to your list and a very big one at that. SEO helps you bypass competition in the digital world. It is still quite a new thing and a moderate level of SEO can bring in traffic at no cost. It would also bring you the relevant customer reach in bulk.
  • Business consultants – SEO increases your credibility! Being a business consultant, you are required to know all the tips and tricks of a business that would help your client get the maximum benefit. SEO is one such thing that requires training and a little bit of experience bringing in substantial results for a business. What more? You help the business digitally which is now the emerging and only viable medium of business during the pandemic.
  • Small and medium manufactures – If you are a manufacturer having a high-ranking website, you will get the trust from buyers for being the quality goods provider. A website with good SEO can be the secret to you being the solid authority in the industry.

About our SEO training course for business

Our SEO training program will equip you with a basic understanding of how SEO works. It will also dive deep into the world of completely functioning SEO practices that would get you the results for your website. At the end of the module, you will be able to smoothly navigate through the SEO process of a website yourself or guide a team to do it.

SEO training for business course modules (subheading)

Top 10 reasons to join our SEO course for business (subheading)

  1. A bundle packed with personalized training, consulting, and support.
  2. Personal training
  3. Highly experienced training with industry experience
  4. Case study of your business
  5. Fully practical
  6. Consulting and support
  7. Learn real strategy
  8. Competitors analysis
  9. Content development
  10. Web analytics

Get personalized SEO training, consulting, and support

We provide one-on-one SEO training in Bangalore if you require personalized SEO for your website. If you are already looking for someone like us to handle your website SEO, you have come to the right place.

Who am I to teach you about SEO?

Well, technically speaking, I am an SEO trainer, consultant and mentor. I am one of the oldest SEO trainers in Bangalore and have been training since 2011. Trained over 6000 students globally. My students are from India, US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE. I am also a visiting faculty for REVA University, Ramaiah management, to name a few.

As a corporate trainer I have worked with Hewlett Packard, Societe Generale, Damro, Fugenx and more. You can learn more about me on the about me page.

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